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                    Frequently Asked Questions........

 What Can I Expect To Pay For A  Cake?
  The final price will be determined by the style of cake, number of servings, labor involved and the materials/ ingredients necessary to create your cake. I like to work within the budget of my clients.....while still exceeding their expectations!

Additional expenses may be incurred if you would like to order a custom made cake board/ display, fresh flowers for your cake or any additional pieces for your cake.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Order A Cake?
Bake. Eat. Love kindly request that cakes be booked at least 2-3 weeks in advance. For larger cakes and wedding season /holidays it is recommend to book 6 months to a year in advance! 

May I Taste Your Cakes Before Reserving The Date With You?
Please do!  When you come for your complimentary cake consultation, I will present you with a number of  cakes flavors, fillings, and icings to sample. FREE OF CHARGE:-)

How Long Are Consultations, And Must I Bring Anything With Me?
 Cake consultations usually last 1-2 hours.  Before you arrive, I ask that you have a budget for what you would like to spend on your cake or desserts.  This will give me a better sense of what I  can do for you.  I recommend you bring with you any ideas you may have for your cake, flowers, dresses, table decorations, invitations, etc.  It is also very helpful for me to know the space in which the reception or event will take place.   

Do I Have To Make A Deposit To Reserve My Wedding Date?  If So, How Much Is It And Can I Get A Refund, If Necessary?
 YES! 50% deposits are required on all weddings and some orders; either the day of the tasting or upon signing the contract. *Which is limited to 2 weeks!* Deposits are required on any order over $100.00

Do You Deliver Your Cakes?
With a fee we can deliver cakes throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Any Other Questions.... Please feel free to send me an email:

~ Sincerely,

     Crystal M. Sparkman